CDM 2015 regulations – how they affect you

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May 11, 2015
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CDM 2015 regulations – how they affect you

What the New Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 Mean For Our Customers

If you are looking to have any form of construction work done on your home or building, whilst you aren’t expected to supervise the work yourself, your decisions do have an impact on the welfare, health and safety of any workers as well as any other people who may be affected by the work carried out. It is up to you to choose a contractor, how much time is available for a project, and how much money you will spend, so it is essential to choose the right team to ensure you comply with Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015).

What do I need to do to comply with CDM 2015?

When hiring contractors to perform construction or maintenance work on your building, you will need to do the following:

  1. Choose the right people for the job in hand

It’s important that you choose contractors that have the right experience and qualifications to carry out the work that you need doing. If more than one contractor will be involved in your project, for example, a designer and a construction team, it is up to you to choose, and appoint in writing, a principal designer and a principal contractor.

The principal designer must plan and manage all design work and ensure the right plans are in place for construction work to be carried out. The principal contractor must plan and manage all construction work. It is important for you to appoint the right principal designer and contractor so that they can work together from the earliest stage possible.

When choosing contractors, it’s important to choose people that have the skills and knowledge that you need.

  1. Make sure the right plans are in place for managing the project

If a project is planned and managed properly, it is likely that it will be finished on time and without anyone involved being harmed. You must make sure that contractors have the right arrangements in place to prevent any possible risks.

  1. Allow enough time for the job to be done right

If you don’t allow contractors a realistic timescale to complete construction or maintenance work, poor results and the risk of accidents are much more likely.

  1. Provide the right information to your designer and contractor and communicate effectively

At the start of a building project, you should put together a brief for your designer and contractors so that they have all the information needed to complete all work to your satisfaction, in the right amount of time and with health and safety standards set. During the project, you should also be on hand to communicate with designers and contractors to make sure all is going to plan. Miscommunication can be one of the biggest causes of health and safety risks or injury.

By communicating regularly, you can plan for any problems that may arise and deal with them in due time.

  1. Make sure a health and safety plan is in place

Your contractor, or principal contractor if there is more than one should draw up a plan for how they will manage any health and safety risks. It is your duty to make sure this is done.

  1. Keep a health and safety file

At the end of a construction project, a designer or contractor should provide you with a health and safety file. This is a record of information that could be very useful for preventing any health and safety risks during any future maintenance or construction work.

  1. If you are an employer, make sure workplaces are designed correctly, and protect your staff and members of the public

A new workplace, or alterations to an existing workplace must comply with the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. If your employees or members of the public may be affected by any building work on your premises, it is your duty to make sure that they are safe from any risks related to construction work.

  1. Make sure welfare facilities on site with HSE standards

Before work starts, it’s down to you to make sure your contractor has made arrangements for the right welfare facilities for their workers.

Why do I need to comply with CDM 2015?

By failing to comply with CDM 2015, your project could be putting workers, and others at risk of harm. On top of this, the finished result of your project may not be up to the expected standards. If your failure to comply with CDM 2015 breaches health and safety legislation, your local authority could stop work from being carried out, additional work may need to be carried out, or in some cases, you may be prosecuted.

If you are looking to have construction or maintenance work carried out on your building and you are unsure about choosing a contractor, please call Maintainabuild on 020 7231 7778. We will be happy to talk through the CDM 2015 regulations.